Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Madison Young... and mashed potatos!

I would be hot for Madison Young even if I’d never seen her naked. As founder and director of the Femina Portens Art Gallery in San Francisco, Madison has created a space to showcase art and performances by artists in the queer and kink communities. She’s a sex educator who has appeared on campuses around the country, and a filmmaker touted by AVN as “an auteur to be reckoned with.”

That said, I have seen her naked. I’ve followed Madison’s work as a model and adult performer on, various films and magazines, and on her own website. She’s so personable, so vulnerable, so strong, and so very, very lovely.

This week, you can join me in being smitten when Madison makes a day-long appearance in New York. Madison will be teaching a class on oral sex and deep throating and posing with attendees for professional photographs. The afternoon will include the East Coast premiere of Madison Young's Heartland: A Woman's POV, in which Madison Young visits her hometown in search of orgasms and other kinky women. Madison will also showcase her newest performance, Pregnant with Lunar Love.

It’s my understanding that there will also be a mashed-potato bar.

Space is limited; you must be eighteen or older to attend.

Get your tickets here!

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